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Lightning Node Management for Android
Version: 0.7.5
Added: 26-08-2023
Updated: 05-03-2024
⚡️ Superpowers for you and your bitcoin lightning node! Use and manage your node wherever you are. ⚡️

BitBanana is a native android app for node operators focused on user experience and ease of use.
While it is not a wallet on its own, BitBanana works like a remote control allowing you to use your node as a wallet wherever you go.
The app is designed with an educational approach, providing the user with guidance on every aspect of node operation.

BitBanana is open source and fully self-custodial which means you are in full control or your funds.

- Manage multiple nodes
- On-chain transactions and lightning payments
- Channel management
- Routing summary
- Contacts
- Sign/Verify
- NFC support
- Tor support
- 100% open source
... and many other features to explore!

The source code can be found at:
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