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BK Doorlock

Binary Kitchen's Open Sesame
Version: 2.5
Added: 11-09-2018
Updated: 05-12-2018

"We are proud to present the next generation of the revolutionary way to unlock the door of the Binary Kitchen hackspace.

Some usage notes:

  • The app allows for automatic WiFi switching. If activated, newer Android versions (Oreo and upwards) require coarse grained location permissions. Otherwise SSID can not be read.
  • Settings screen won't disappear unless user provided username & password
  • The app contains a widget -- the space widget. It remotely shows if the space is open. A click on the button will update it.
  • Please file bug reports on

Good quality... No fake! Contains 50 metric tons of finest software engineering. ."

Screenshot of BK Doorlock Screenshot of BK Doorlock Screenshot of BK Doorlock
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