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Blacklist Blocker

Block unwanted calls and/or SMS
Version: 1.2.12
Added: 02-06-2018
Updated: 02-06-2018
NOTE: App is no longer maintained.

This application allows you to block unwanted calls and/or SMS in a variety of
ways: blacklists, whitelists, contacts-only.

* Managing the Blacklist - to block phone numbers.
* Managing the Whitelist - to exclude phone numbers from blocking.
* Reading the Contacts and SMS lists of your phone - to block phone numbers not included in these lists.
* Blocking of private/anonymous numbers.
* Different ways of comparing blocked numbers (equality, by fragment, etc.).
* Recording of the Event log - the history of blocked calls and SMS (with saving the texts).
* Managing notifications about block events.
* Support for light and dark themes of the interface.
Screenshot of Blacklist Blocker Screenshot of Blacklist Blocker Screenshot of Blacklist Blocker
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