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Blink Comparison

Simplifies comparing photos of tamper-evident seals using your eyes
Version: 1.1.1
Added: 07-01-2022
Updated: 10-03-2022
The concept of "blink comparison" method is simple - the app allows you to quickly switch pictures without delay so you can see the differences.

"Blink comparison" method uses high efficiency pattern recognition by human eyes, to permit quick verification between a reference picture and an actual one being taken on the spot. For example, in the goal of detecting tampering in high contrast nail polish tamper-evident seals.

* Free and Open Source software (FOSS)
* Support for various platforms and devices (currently Android only)
* Add and store reference pictures in the app or take a photo on the spot; all pictures are encrypted, making it harder to steal or replacement
* Compare a reference image with the one just taken using "blink comparison" method
* Helps to take a compared photo in the correct position, at the correct angle, lighting and distance
* Material Design
* Night theme
* Responsive UI for different devices form factors

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