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Bluez IME

Set up bluetooth controllers
Version: 1.20
Added: 23-08-2012
Updated: 20-06-2016
This application installs a new IME (soft-keyboard) that can read data from a
Bluetooth input device. Among the supported devices are: Zeemote JS1, MSI
Chainpus BGP100, Phonejoy and iControlPad (iCP).

This is NOT a bluetooth keyboard driver, it ONLY supports the devices listed

Analog input is supported but requires that the app you are using BluezIME with
also supports it.

Some of the major emulators support BluezIME analog input, setup your controller
inside the emulator app instead of through the BluezIME interface if possible.

If your favorite app does not support BluezIME analog input, please write the
publishers and ask for it!

Confirmed to work with almost all devices from HTC, Samsung and Motorola.

Reported NOT working with any LG device with stock ROM:
Screenshot of Bluez IME Screenshot of Bluez IME Screenshot of Bluez IME
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