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Unofficial Google Books viewer
Version: 1.7
Added: 28-05-2018
Updated: 28-05-2018
This is the demo/wrapping app to demonstrate the capabilities of the Uncover
library. This library builds a bridge between "infinitely scrolling view" that
requires fast synchronous data model and web resource or database that uses slow
asynchronous and strongly prefers more than a single item per request. The
library performs many internal optimizations on how the data are fetched. Unlike
many alternative approaches (mostly centered around the scroll listener) it
features clean classic MVC design.

The mentioned library is the open source project under Apache 2.0 license. The
wrapping app (same repository) is under GPLv3.

The demo app is fully usable by the end non-programming user. It allows to view
the large Google Books directory, displaying titles and book covers. If it is
possible to purchase the book from some vendor, the "book purchase link" appears
in the book details view. Tapping on it opens the web browser of your device (no
longer this app) and you may read more details or even to make a purchase there.

The app communicates with Google server with the help of library that if fetched from Maven
Central. Maven Central specifies the license of this library as Apache 2.0.
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