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Turn on/off your remote machine without leaving your couch!
Version: 1.1
Added: 10-07-2021
Updated: 10-07-2021
Ever wanted to turn on your remote machine (laptop, Raspberry, NAS), but didn't want to leave the couch? Well I for sure
understand this problem to the heart. But fear no more, as BootBoi is here to save you from the gruesome task of standing up
and pushing a button.

BootBoi features remote power on / power off / reboot for as many remote machines as you can imagine with the
combined power of SSH and Wake On Lan.

Preparing your Remote Machine
* Before you can use BootBoi with your remote machines, you have to prepare them for **remote** rebooting and powering them on/off.

Power On
* To power a remote device on, BootBoi uses Wake On Lan.
* This needs to be enabled in the BIOS of the machine you want to power on, read more here.

Power Off / Reboot
* BootBoi uses SSH to execute whoami, poweroff and reboot on the remote machine.
* So make sure that
* Those binaries are available and in $PATH
* The SSH user has sudo access to whoami, poweroff and reboot
* Either by allowing the user sudo access only to those binaries via the sudoers file (recommended)
* E.g. `echo "my_ssh_user ALL=(ALL) /sbin/reboot,/sbin/poweroff,/usr/bin/whoami" >> /etc/local/sudoers`
* Or by using root as SSH user in BootBoi

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