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Brailliac: Braille Keyboard

System keyboard based on a Braille cell!
Version: 1.4.2
Added: 22-01-2024
Updated: 22-01-2024
Practise your Braille skills while doing anything from texting your friends, searching the web, or writing essays!

Just a few of the amazing features:
- Braille Cell Mode - for typing cells directly
- Translated Mode - in-built AI automatically converts your typed cells to the letters they represent in your chosen Braille code
- Fully compatible with all Braille symbols and modes, including capitals, numbers, contractions, and shortforms
- Highly customisable - choose the size of your keyboard exactly
- Intuative motion controls
- Private and safe - Has no Internet permissions, so you don't have to worry about snooping

Includes all the following Braille codes:
- Unified English Braille
- Swedish Braille
- Czech Braille
- Slovak Braille
- Tamil Braille
- Spanish Braille
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