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Brainstonz for Android

Brainstonz is a board game for two players
Version: v2.0.0
Added: 05-02-2019
Updated: 05-02-2019

=== Object of the Game ===

Be the first player to fill a row, column, or diagonal with 4 stones.

=== Setting Up the Game === First select the options on the right-hand side of the screen. Below is an explanation of the controls:

==== Type ====

Select the type of player. A player can be a human or a computer. You can play against a friend or the computer. You can even watch the computer play itself!

==== Skill ====

If this player's type is "Computer," this option sets the skill level of the computer's Artificial Intelligence. (Don't be disappointed if you cannot beat the computer at the hardest setting—it's impossible!)

=== How to Play ===

Black is the first player to take a turn.

The very first turn consists of only one move. Player 1 (black) gets to place a stone anywhere on the board.

For the next turn, Player 2 (white) gets to place 2 stones on the board. If Player 2 completes a pair of symbols, he/she can remove Player 1's stone from the board.

All subsequent turns are like Player 2's first turn and follow this pattern:

The current player places a stone on the board.

If the symbol on the board position just played matches a symbol under any of the current player's other stones, he/she must immediately remove a stone from the other player.

The current player places a second stone on the board. If the current player completes a second pair of symbols, he/she removes another stone from the other player.

The game ends when either:

A player completes an entire row, column, or diagonal with 4 stones. It is impossible for the current player to move (a tie).

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