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Breezy Weather

A powerful, open-source Material Design weather app.
Version: 5.2.3_freenet
Added: 06-04-2024
Updated: 22-05-2024
Breezy Weather is a free and open-source Android weather app, forked from Geometric Weather, adding new features, sources, modernizing code, fixing bugs, updating dependencies for security reasons, etc., while keep having a smooth user and developer experience in mind.

In the app, you'll find:
- Real-time weather conditions (temperature, feels like, wind, UV index, humidity, dew point, atmospheric pressure, visibility, cloud cover, ceiling)
- Daily and hourly forecasts up to 16 days (temperature, air quality, wind, UV index, precipitation, sunshine, feels like)
- Detailed hourly forecasts (humidity / dew point, pressure, cloud cover, visibility)
- Precipitation in the next hour
- Air quality, allergen and ephemeris information
- Severe weather and precipitation alerts

The app has a strong focus on design, with a simple, clean UX, smooth animations, and Material Design all over, plus lots of customizability:
- Automatic dark mode
- Custom icon packs
- Large selection of home screen widgets for at-a-glance information
- Live wallpaper

Available worldwide weather sources:
- Open-Meteo
- AccuWeather¹
- MET Norway¹
- Pirate Weather¹²
- HERE¹²
- Météo France¹
- Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut (DMI)¹

Available only-national weather sources:
- Mixed China sources¹
- National Weather Service (NWS)¹
- Bright Sky (DWD)
- GeoSphere Austria
- Environment and Climate Change Canada¹
- Israel Meteorological Service (IMS)¹
- MET Éireann¹

Available secondary weather sources:
- WMO Severe Weather Information Centre¹
- Recosanté

¹ Sources not libre/self-hostable are not included in versions with suffix _freenet
² Requires an API key

- Network (ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, INTERNET): fetch weather data from sources over the Internet

- Background services (RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED, WAKE_LOCK, SET_ALARM, FOREGROUND_SERVICE, FOREGROUND_SERVICE_DATA_SYNC, FOREGROUND_SERVICE_SPECIAL_USE): weather updates in the background and scheduled forecast notifications
- Ignore battery optimizations (REQUEST_IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS): help preventing the app from being killed on some devices
- Send notifications (POST_NOTIFICATIONS): alerts, precipitation, today/tomorrow forecast, notification-widget, update progress of background updates, etc
- Location (ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION): to show weather in your current location
- Storage (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): helps setting the live weather wallpaper and/or widgets on some devices
- Tile (EXPAND_STATUS_BAR): allow to launch the app from Quick Settings

- GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0
- This License does not grant any rights in the trademarks, service marks, or logos of any Contributor.
- Misrepresentation of the origin of that material is prohibited, and modified versions of such material must be marked in reasonable ways as different from the original version.

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