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FOSS Browser

Small webbrowser using Android webView. Designed to respect your privacy.
Version: 8.3
Added: 12-12-2016
Updated: 24-09-2021
"FOSS Browser" is a fully free/open source (as in freedom) Android app. FOSS Browser doesn't show ads and doesn't track you. The intention is to provide a simple and light weight but powerful and privacy friendly browser with a modern user interface. Your privacy - your data.

Project Homepage with further infos:


• fully open source
• no trackers
• no unnecessary permissions
• third party cookies disabled by default
• enable/disable cookies, javascript, location access, history and more
• advanced settings for javascript, cookies and DOM-storage (domain/bookmark based)
• do not track me / GPC (global privacy control)
• measures agains browser fingerprinting
• AdBlocker
• delete data on exit (optional)


• optimized for one hand handling (toolbar at bottom)
• tab control (switch, open, close unlimited tabs)
• full material design
• hide toolbar (optional)
• fast toggle for most important settings
• advanced gesture control for toolbar and toolbar buttons
• filtering bookmarks
• toggle mobile/desktop mode
• toggle day/night mode


• backup data
• small size
• search on site
• Websearch (from marked text context menu)
• save as PDF
• open links in other apps (for example YouTube)

Screenshot of FOSS Browser Screenshot of FOSS Browser Screenshot of FOSS Browser
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