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Bysyklist Oslo

Find bikes in Oslo
Version: 1.1.3
Added: 01-07-2012
Updated: 25-05-2013
N.B It isn’t possible to view your position on a map because Google Maps is the
only map source and f-droid can’t supply an API key to use it. It is still
possible to see your relative position to docking stations however and to see
how many bikes are available.

Bysyklist Oslo helps you find racks with ready bikes or docks for ClearChannels
city bike (bysykkel) project in Oslo, Norway.


* Map, with your location and rack status
* Favorites
* Desktop shortcuts for finding nearest bike or free dock with one single push of a button.

Anti-feature: Dependencies. It’s necessary for Google Maps to be already
installed either as an app or as a shared system library for this app to be
installable. We won’t be able to remove this dependency easily.
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