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CalEF (Calendar Entry Formatter)

Create and send Appointment-Confirmation-Message from Android-Calendar-Entry.
Version: 1.1.2
Added: 21-01-2022
Updated: 16-03-2022

Making an appointment means

  • Add date, time and title of the appointment to the Android-Calendar

  • In Android-Calendar-Detailview use Send/Share (from menu or toolbar)

  • Select "CalEF" as share destination (to convert to human readable text)

  • Select the final Send/Share destination (clipboard, sms, mail, ...)

Usually calendar entries are shared in a human-unreadable technical format
"ICS" (or "VCS") that calendar programs can read.

CalEF receives the technical format and re-sends/re-shares it-s content as human readable text.

Date/Time is formatted according to current language/locale.

CalEF can also process "ics" (or "vcs") files (i.e. from a calendar backup).


  • Android-4.4 (api 19) or later.

  • Permissions : None

Compatible with

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