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An app to help you to maintain healthy life
Version: 1.2
Added: 03-03-2020
Updated: 12-03-2020
CalorieScope is an android application which is designed to help the user to maintain healthy lifestyle. The user will be able to maintain the record of physical activities performed over the time such as counting the steps taken. The will also calculate calories burnt while the user walks and also keep track of beverages such as water and caffeine. This application is capable of more operations such as calculating BMI/ WHR to track your body shape. User will also get access to latest health news, health tips and health/ workout related videos. The application uses advanced algorithms and uses inbuilt device hardware to its maximum potential while keeping CPU usage low which makes this application go easy on battery. This application includes a lot of features and tools in a single package without uploading user’s sensitive data online.

Screenshot of CalorieScope Screenshot of CalorieScope Screenshot of CalorieScope
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