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Camera Date Folders

Sort photos from camera folder into a date specific subfolder structure
Version: 1.3
Added: 19-07-2022
Updated: 26-12-2022
Sorts all photos, located in the device's camera folder, into a date specific subfolder structure. This makes it easier to transfer specific photos to a computer, e.g. via USB cable (MTP protocol).

Either keep photos inside the camera folder tree or move or copy them to a separate directory. This can also used as a simple backup method.

Up to three levels are supported: year, month and day. The sorting can be reverted, i.e. all photos can be moved back to the camera base directory.

The program does not read metadata (EXIF) from the photo files, instead it uses the data information encoded in the filenames.

To meet Google's restrictive Play Store policy, the program must use Google's proprietary Storage Access Framework. As a consequence, file operations are very slow. Maybe later a version will be published that uses standard file access calls, but that one would only be available in F-Droid.
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