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Simple RTSP viewer for IP cameras
Version: 2.3
Added: 25-03-2022
Updated: 20-05-2024
Simple Android mobile app for playing RTSP streams from IP cameras


* View RTSP streams from any IP cameras, including H.265+.
* Multiple video cameras on a single screen.
* Image zoom.
* 2 channel cameras support
* Watching videos via SFTP protocol.
* Motion detection support.
* Maximum connection speed.
* Extreme ease of navigation and control.
* Ability to switch TCP/UDP protocol. This option is important while viewing cameras over the Internet, where UDP may not be supported or may not work well.

IMPORTANT NOTE. The app is focused on data security and privacy. It does not collect or process any information about the user.
The data is not sent to any servers, including Google's technical infrastructure or camera manufacturers' cloud storage.
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