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CAPod - Companion for AirPods

CAPod is a companion app for AirPods on Android.
Version: 2.8.2-rc0
Added: 16-02-2023
Updated: 20-03-2023
CAPod is a companion app for AirPods.


* Battery level for pods and cases.
* Charging status for pods and case.
* Additional infos about connection, microphone and case.
* Can receive and show all nearby devices.
* Ear detection with automatic play/pause.
* Automatically connect phone and AirPods.
* Show popup when case is opened.

CAPod is ad-free. Some features require an in-app purchase.

Most popular AirPods and Beats devices are supported.
If your device is similar to AirPods but not yet supported, send me a short mail.

Got a cool idea for a new feature? Reach out!
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