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Add support for blocking the Screenshot Detection API introduced in Android 14!
Version: 1.0.5
Added: 15-06-2024
Updated: 15-06-2024
With the release of Android 14, Google added an API to enable app developers to detect screenshots. This API has since been adopted by popular apps such as Snapchat.

CaptureSposed is an Xposed module that effectively disables this API to prevent apps that use it from being able to detect when a screenshot was taken.

⚠️ WARNING: CaptureSposed is intended for rooted devices running Android 14 and requires Xposed. The required Xposed variant to use is LSPosed. Other Xposed variants will not work. This module cannot be guaranteed to work on all devices. In the worst case, it can cause a bootloop. Use at your own risk. Additionally, this module does not protect against screenshot detection from apps that use the pre-Android 14 approach of using file system listeners to detect screenshots (ref 1, ref 2).

To use CaptureSposed:

1. Install LSposed. This requires your device to be rooted with Magisk or KernelSU. Installation instructions for LSPosed are available here.
2. Install CaptureSposed.
3. Activate the CaptureSposed module in the LSposed user interface.
4. Reboot your device and sign in.
5. Open the CaptureSposed app and take a screenshot of it. If the screenshot is not detected, then the module is working as intended.

CaptureSposed is a collaborative project by Keshav Majeti and David Berdik.
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