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Ceno Browser: Share the Web

Access any website, then share it peer-to-peer.
Version: 2.1.4
Added: 26-01-2023
Updated: 30-05-2024
Ceno (Censorship.No!) is a decentralized mobile web browser. It uses peer-to-peer technology to deliver websites to your mobile device and caches popular content with cooperating peers. Ceno can be used to bypass Internet censorship and help others retrieve blocked pages.

Say NO to censorship! Install Ceno Browser today and be prepared for the next time you get unplugged.

Ceno is designed with internet shutdown scenarios in mind. Websites are shared by a global network of peers, and stored in a distributed cache for availability when traditional networks are blocked or go down.

Unlock the web.
Access any website. Frequently requested content is cached on the network and cannot be forcibly removed.

Reduce Data Costs.
By routing user traffic through peer-to-peer networks, Ceno Browser incurs less data costs while still providing users with circumvention capability.

Free and open source.
Ceno Browser is powered by Ouinet, an open source library enabling third party developers to incorporate the Ceno network into their apps for peer-to-peer connectivity.

Please note: Ceno is not an anonymity tool: information about your browsing might be leaked to other Ceno users, as well as the fact that your application is providing particular web content to others. Content accessed with the application may stay in storage in clear text for some time, however you can purge all stored content at any time using the 'Purge Now' feature.

F-Droid Anti-Features: Upstream Ceno source code uses pre-built libraries from Mozilla which are not entirely free. For the F-Droid release of Ceno Browser, we patch the non-free parts and build these libraries from scratch.

About develops open and reusable systems with a focus on privacy, online security, and information management. Our goal is to create accessible technology and improve the skill set needed for defending human rights and freedoms in the digital age.

To learn more about Ceno Browser and its distributed library, Ouinet, please visit

Questions / Need support?
Read more in the Ceno User Manual, or contact us at We love receiving feedback and are continuously improving Ceno for its users!

Stay connected, and help keep the web open and accessible to all!
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