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Complete onboard permissions explorer & summary
Version: 1.7-15
Added: 19-09-2019
Updated: 04-06-2020

All existing permissions on a device are extracted from all installed packages (user /data, /system, /vendor), and reported with package-emitter specs plus technical properties like translated description, ..., AppOp possible association (starred).

Multi-additional sort options for all declared permissions:

  • System/User
  • Group
  • Name
  • Package
  • Date installation
  • UserId
  • Statistics (targeted + granted)
  • PackageLabel & ProtectionLevel

Search option on: Name, Package, Description (short & long)

Optional lists:

  • Duplicates
  • Misses

F-Droid@apps_Packages Info is embedded to provide list of all applications targeting any selected (longpress) permission, granted or not (starred), with related specifics including androidManifest or F-Droid@ClassyShark3xodus possible scan launch.


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