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Chat on the Jabber network (XMPP protocol); focus on features for gateway users
Version: 2.12.1-1+free
Added: 19-03-2022
Updated: 26-01-2023
The Cheogram Android app allows you to join a worldwide communication network. It especially focuses on features useful to users who want to contact those on other networks as well, such as SMS-enabled phone numbers.

Based on the app Conversations, but with unique features:

* Messages with both media and text, including animated media
* Unobtrusive display of subject lines, where present
* Links to known contacts are shown with their name
* Show timestamps for calls
* Integrates with gateways' add contact flows
* When using a gateway to the phone network, integrate with the native Android Phone app
* Address book integration
* Tag contacts and channels and browse by tag
* Command UI

Where to get service:

Cheogram Android requires you have an account with a Jabber service. You can run your own service, or use one provided by someone else, for example:

Art in screenshots is from by David Revoy, CC-BY. Artwork has been modified to crop out sections for avatars and photos, and in some cases add transparency. Use of this artwork does not imply endorsement of this project by the artist.

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