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Vibrates to remind you of the time
Version: 1.2.1
Added: 30-11-2016
Updated: 15-03-2017
In the past, many homes had a chiming or cuckoo's clock, that would make a noise
every hour/half hour/quarter hour, Chibe emulates this behaviour in your phone.
Instead of making a noise, Chibe vibrates your phone, so that you are reminded
of the time, but you don't annoy the people around you. This can be useful
during activities, where you want to be reminded of the time, without looking,
like sporting or reading, or when you just want to keep better track of your


* Choose at what interval you would like your phone to vibrate
* Choose between multiple vibration patterns, so you won't confuse Chibe with normal notifications.
* Create your own vibration patterns
* Configure times at which Chibe should be silent, so you won't be annoyed at night.


* Control vibration: Chibe uses this permission to make your phone vibrate at set intervals.
* Run at startup: Chibe uses this, so the you don't need to reenable it every time your phone reboots.
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