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Ching Machine

Automatic "ching" for Thai music.
Version: 1.19
Added: 05-08-2023
Updated: 05-08-2023
Automatic "ching" for practicing Thai music.

* Sampled ching and glong sounds from real instruments.
* Tempo selection.
* Start playing with "chup chup" (the initial double-strike of the ching cymbals.)
* Create your own drum patterns.

I hope you enjoy this program!

Please note that while this app contains both Thai and English translations and instructions for the most complicated
functions, the majority of the user interface has been deliberately kept in Thai with the aim of encouraging interest
in Thai script and the Thai language, as well as Thai music. I hope that the app also invites you, then, to be curious,
push buttons, learn and explore, and have fun!

Screenshot of Ching Machine
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