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CIFS Documents Provider

Provides access to shared network storage.
Version: 2.1.1
Added: 29-08-2021
Updated: 24-02-2024
CIFS Documents Provider is an Android app to provide access to shared online storage.


* Provide other apps with access to shared online storage via the Storage Access Framework (SAF).
* Provides access to files and directories.
* Supports SMB, FTP, and FTPS.
* Share and transfer files on online storage.
* Multiple connection settings can be stored.
* Supports multiple languages.
* Supports dark mode.
* Can be treated as local storage. (Configuration required)
* Notifications can be displayed to prevent task kills. (configuration required)


* Import and export of files created by the app.
* Manage files and directories with the Storage Manager app.
* Play music, videos, etc. with the media player app.
* Direct saving of photos taken with the camera app.


* No file management function in this app.
* To use this app, your apps must support SAF (Storage Access Framework).
* Apps that assume local storage may not work properly.
* Apps may crash when specified as a storage destination for streaming audio or video data.

[How to use]

See the following page. (Japanese)




GitHub Issue

Please post here if you have bug reports, Future requests, or other information.

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