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Circuit Trainer

A timer for circuit training with custom exercises
Version: 1.1
Added: 01-10-2019
Updated: 01-10-2019
Privacy Friendly Circuit Trainer is an Android App that supports the user
during his/her circuit training session. It provides a configurable set of
timers for the exercises and the rest phases as well as multiple other

Workout Timer

After configuring the set of timers in the main menu you can start the
workout routine by pressing the start button. The workout view has
animations and sound output features which can be turned on and off inside the settings menu.

Motivation Alert

The app can show you motivation alerts to remind you of planned workout
sessions. You can define the time of day and the notification texts inside the settings menu.

Block Periodization

When scheduling the timers you may also choose the block periodization
feature. This feature allows you to configure longer, separate breaks in
between the exercises. This way the workout can be split into multiple high
intensity workout cycles.

Workout History

The app can collect statistics about your performed workout sessions. The
collected data comprises of the time spend working out and the calories
burnt while exercising. The accuracy of the calories calculation can be
improved by configuring the necessary user data in the settings menu. The
collection of this data can be deleted as well as turned on and off inside the settings menu.

Exercise Sets

The app allows you to create your own Exercise Sets for the circuit
training. Therefore you can combine your own exercises to exercise sets.
The image assigned to an exercise is displayed during the workout. In
addition, the exercise sets can be repeated during a workout. For this you
can set the number of rounds before starting the workout.

The app belongs to the Privacy Friendly Apps group developed by the
research group SECUSO at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
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