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Clash of Balls

2-player accelerometer game
Version: 1.11
Added: 07-01-2014
Updated: 07-01-2014
Prove your sensitive control skills and compete with your friends over WiFi in
various levels. Try to destroy your rivals by pushing them into the black void
and become the true master of balls. Don't forget to make use of the mighty
power-ups that will appear eventually. And always be aware of the danger that
you have to face out there. But remember, you are alone and there is only one

Games are played peer-to-peer; so no server is used, but each player needs to be
in the same network to see each other. If the device supports it, Clash of Balls
should also run via Bluetooth. For the best game experience, the WiFi needs low
latencies. You can also create a Hotspot and let others connect.

The aim of the game is to bounce the other players out of the field by balancing
your device.The game should be self-explanatory, there is a Help Menu. When the
game starts and the countdown is shown, hold your device still in the desired
position, where your ball should not move. During the game, tilt the device to
move your player to a certain direction.

For physics simulation, JBox2D is used, a Java implementation of the 2D physics
engine Box2D.
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