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Clock widget (legacy)

Add Fairphone clock widget to your homescreen
Version: 2.0.1
Added: 10-05-2017
Updated: 31-05-2017


The app's development continues in Clock widget, no further updates will be available. The old app will be moved to the archive.

The interactive clock on the phone's lock screen is another function to create more awareness when you use your phone. You can cycle through the clock by tapping on it, and it will show different data, for example:

  • how long you own your Fairphone (this data is pulled from the motherboard manufacturer date)
  • until what time the battery will last
  • the amount of time you've had 'peace of mind' (based on Android's "no interruptions" setting).

If you want to, you can easily share this information with others by pressing the Share button. So now you can brag about how long you’ve been a proud Fairphone owner to all your friends!

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