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Cmus Remote

Remotely control CMUS instances
Version: 1.4.3
Added: 14-06-2017
Updated: 14-06-2017
Remote control for the CMUS media player.

How to use this

  1. Start your cmus like "cmus --listen"

  2. Set a cmus password (if you have not already) ":set passwd="

  3. Install the apk

  4. Add your ip address and password in settings and press "okay".


* Save multiple cmus host configurations.
* Implemented functions include: mute/unmute, volume up/down, shuffle, repeat track/all/none, seek track, previous, forward, stop, play and pause.
* Current track information is displayed.
* Theme changes depending on Android OS version.
* Supports landscape and portrait mode.
* Automatically fetches album artwork from google (can be disabled).
Screenshot of Cmus Remote Screenshot of Cmus Remote Screenshot of Cmus Remote
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