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Colemak Mod-DH Keyboard

The Colemak Mod-DH layout for physical keyboards connected via USB
Version: 1.03
Added: 28-06-2024
Updated: 28-06-2024
This tiny app allows you to connect a physical keyboard to your device's USB socket, and then type using one of the Colemak Mod-DH layout mappings.

Supported layouts:

  • Mod-DH ANSI US

  • Mod-DH ANSI US wide

  • Mod-DH ISO US

  • Mod-DH ISO US wide

  • Mod-DH ISO UK

  • Mod-DH ISO UK wide

  • Vanilla Colemak

  • Vanilla Colemak wide

- This app is for physically connected keyboards only - it does NOT change the on-screen software keyboard.
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