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Coloring Book

Coloring book - pictures from examples and photos
Version: 1.1.8
Added: 03-10-2020
Updated: 18-02-2023
A coloring book for kids at age two and above.
You can choose a color and paint the animals, plants and things with a simple tapping.

There is a variety of colors and pictures.
You can save the image on your device or share it via email and in social networks.
If you send an image to this app, it will be transformed to a coloring book image of black lines around white areas.
This way you can add hand-drawn pictures or color pictures of cars, houses, animals, people and more in a comic style.

You can add new pictures to the app by placing them in the current saving location.
As you can choose from pictures you saved there, your own added pictures will show up when a new picture can be chosen.
If the images on the app are not enough, you can choose from the online image gallery.
This gallery is also open to you to contribute more images to the app.

Screenshot of Coloring Book Screenshot of Coloring Book Screenshot of Coloring Book
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