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Comics Reader

Comic and image viewer
Version: 2.2.171
Added: 07-02-2013
Updated: 07-11-2016

N.B No cbr (rar archive) support in F-Droid build.

  • Can be used to open cbz, cbt; jpeg, png and gif from any file manager.
  • Comics browser with thumbnails.
  • Bookmarks manager to download albums from remote sites.
  • Fast pages switcher with pages previews.
  • Double pages mode.
  • Fling gesture to change page with smooth animation.
  • Fullscreen for devices with physical buttons.
  • Use lower quality images (resolution is decreased) if any out of memory exception occurs.
  • Available in English, French & Turkish languages (any translators are welcome to contribute ^^)

Screenshot of Comics Reader Screenshot of Comics Reader Screenshot of Comics Reader
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