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Conscrypt Provider

Conscrypt Provider provides TLS 1.3 to apps supporting older Android devices
Version: 3
Added: 18-07-2022
Updated: 24-07-2022
Conscrypt Provider is an APK which can provide the Conscrypt Library to apps that support older Android devices.
The Conscrypt Library provides modern TLS capabilities and ciphers, including TLS 1.3, and supports all the way back to Android 2.3 Gingerbread!

I have wrapped it in a standalone APK because not all users will need it (Android 10+ has TLS 1.3 enabled), and because the library is quite large.

Users: will need to install this app. It does not appear in the app drawer as it has no interface.

App Developers: will need to add code to their apps to make use of this provider.
For instructions on how to do this, see the README:


I have made use of the F-Droid blog post and an associated gist.

This may not be the best or perfect way to provide Conscrypt to applications, but it's a way that works for me. I'm putting it on F-Droid in case it benefits others too.
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