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Contact Book

Manage your contacts in a local addressbook
Version: 1.0
Added: 26-05-2020
Updated: 26-05-2020
Contactbook is a simple alternative to the Google contacts app which
won't share any information to others. It does use its own database, so
everything is saved locally: nothing goes to any cloud, and other apps won't
have access. Also for privacy reasons it just uses a minimal set of
permissions: CALL_PHONE (so you can call your contacts), and CAMERA (to add
contact photos and import contacts via QR codes).

The app was made by Anatoli Schäfer and Marc Zintel and the project was
given by Prof. Dr. Manh Tien Tran. The project was a part of the Master
degrees of computer science at the Hochschule Kaiserslautern.


* Save contacts with name, numbers, emails and profilepics you can directly take
* Own safe database. Other apps will not access to your contacts
* QR-code scanner to import your contacs and share them to others
* Share your own number to others on a safe way (QR-scan)
* Simple and clear design
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