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Remote file editing
Version: 1.1
Added: 15-12-2013
Updated: 15-12-2013
Edit files on your linux machine, even when you're on the go.

Cooper provides a touch interface for SSH, making it easy to log in to a servers
and edit files. Make simple code/configuration changes without squinting at a
tiny terminal and using a special keyboard.

Cooper does:

* Allow password based login to SSH servers
* Let you traverse the directory structure on SSH servers
* Let you open and edit files on SSH servers
* Save a list of your SSH servers (for easy access)

This app is being developed to make remote software/web-app development easier,
so future improvements will include tablet optimized layouts, a touch optimized
command execution interface (menu based with support for custom commands), and a
mechanism for jumping between open files.

Cooper does not:

* Allow command execution
* Provide root/sudo support
* Save your SSH password
* Support non-standard SSH ports

Status: Beta.
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