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Corona Tracing

Trace Corona in Germany
Added: 07-12-2020
Updated: 03-01-2021
This is a fork of the official German Corona-Warn-App (CWA) without proprietary dependencies. While the app itself is Free Software, it depends on Google’s proprietary Exposure Notification Framework. This fork instead uses the drop-in compatible microg implementation. It's fully compatible with the official app, including recording and sending tracing data as well test submission and result collection.

For contact tracing, it collects short-lived IDs via bluetooth and broadcasts its own. In case of an infection, it allows to upload ones own IDs to a server using a TAN, allowing contacts to notice a match with their collected IDs and to be notified. All that happens without storing more data than necessary.

Android 5 notice: The app can be installed on Android 5, but support is experimental. Visual discrepancies are expected.

Generally, Bluetooth drivers on older devices might not support a required feature; see this list for whether an old device supports this app.

Screenshot of Corona Tracing Screenshot of Corona Tracing Screenshot of Corona Tracing
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