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Video recording (DVR) software for in-car use
Version: 1.3.22
Added: 02-06-2015
Updated: 07-02-2019
DVR software kit designed for in-car use:

* Works in background as a service
* Works even when the keyboard is locked
* Autostart recording after program launch
* Autoremove old files
* FLASH button for night recordings (if device supports)
* GPS data is recorded into subtitle files *.srt
* Separate *.gpx file for upload to the
* GPS data is shown on the screen
* Night mode for better video under low light condition
* Different focus modes (infinity, auto, continuous video, macro)
* Zoooming in/out with gestures
* Refocus on screen tap
* Exit function is protected with long click to avoid accedental click
* Configurable options (video size, bitrate, maxtemp and minfree space, fragment time etc.)
* Notification area clickable icon for bringing app to front

This software might not work with all devices. Old versions are available at
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