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a smart generator for French travel certificates during the Covid-19 emergency s
Version: 4.2.0
Added: 17-05-2020
Updated: 18-12-2020
An application that generates French travel certificates (attestation dérogatoire de déplacement)
that are compulsory during the Covid-19 emergency state.
The generated certificates follow the model proposed by the French interior ministry.
The travel certificate can be generated by hand or automatically by a foreground service
when one leaves the domestic wifi network.
This application is ad-free and privacy-friendly: it does not emit data on the internet
(it does not use the INTERNET permission)

Supported features:
* Generation of travel certificates using the supplied personal data
* Displaying the last generated certificate and its QR code
* Export of the generated certificate to a PDF file (or sharing with an external application)
* Notification with the certificate with its QR code (reachable from the lock screen)
* Automatic generation of the certificate when the home wifi network is leaved
* Sound alerts when the certificate is automatically generated or when time/distance limits are reached

Caution: this application IS NOT officially endorsed by the French administration;
no warranty is provided either by the author or the distributor. You use this app at your own risk.

The source repository of the application is available at
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