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An exchange rates currency converter for Android
Version: 1.4.0
Added: 03-01-2021
Updated: 07-04-2021
Currencies is a simple and straightforward currency converter.It is not intended to be used for realtime financial business, rather to be a handy companion e.g. on vacations.

* It supports the most relevant currencies. Currently counting over 160!
* Currency data is provided on a daily basis by
* The UI is simple and pure Material Design.
* A major feature is the included calculator. Useful e.g. if you want to split up a restaurant bill.
* Fee calculator: optionally add a customizable foreign exchange fee to all calculations.
* Currencies is written for Android in Kotlin, targeting Android 11 and supporting light and dark themes.
* The app is ad-free and doesn't spy on the user.
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