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Battery current draw widget
Version: 0.4a
Added: 15-06-2013
Updated: 12-03-2015
Displays how much electric current the device is using from the battery or
receiving from the charger. It can also notify you when the device is using too
much battery. Add widget to home screen after installation; open settings &
graph via launcher icon. Touch the displayed value to switch views.

NOTE: The electric current reading doesn't work on all devices. The reason
is that the manufacturers (mostly Motorola and Samsung) don't support this in
the battery driver or in the hardware.

* Two widget designs (as two widgets in the widgets list) — Classic and Text.
* Notification — get real time alerts on high current values
* Transparent style with customization options
* Voltage & Battery level (%) display
* Log battery values (see this script for analysis)
* Set an arithmetic operation on the current value to adjust for different devices
* Plot current graph
Screenshot of CurrentWidget Screenshot of CurrentWidget Screenshot of CurrentWidget
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