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A quick-logging notes app with customizable shortcut buttons.
Version: 2.0.1
Added: 11-02-2024
Updated: 11-02-2024
dailyLog is a distraction-free notepad with customizable shortcut buttons.

Tired of trying to log workouts on your phone? Want to build a custom habit tracker? Do you follow a template for every journal entry? dailyLog can help.

dailyLog works by accessing a single text file of your choosing: keeping your data on your device and accessible in any app you choose. But unlike a blank text file, dailyLog lets you define custom shortcut buttons. Imagine a workout log where tapping the "chest" button pastes "chest press: reps, lbs", allowing you to log your workouts with ease. Or imagine a journal where the "" button pastes a list of questions you want to answer every day.

Initially designed as a rapid logging system for journaling, dailyLog allows you to quickly add info to a text file with customizable button shortcuts. See the detailed walkthrough with screenshots on the project homepage.

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