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DashClock Widget

Extensible lock screen widget
Version: 1.6
Added: 28-02-2013
Updated: 27-01-2014
NOTE: this app was deprecated by its author.

DashClock is a replacement lock screen clock widget for Android 4.2+. It also
exposes additional status items called extensions. The widget comes bundled with
extensions that give you instant access to:

* Missed calls and unread text messages
* Your next calendar appointment
* Your next scheduled alarm
* Weather from choice of location

Other extensions are available. To add the widget to your Android 4.2 device’s
lock screen, simply swipe to the left-most page of your lock screen and touch
the "+" icon. Then, select "DashClock" to customize and add the widget. You can
make this the primary lock screen widget, replacing the default clock, by first
touching-and-holding it and then dragging it horizontally to the very rightmost
Screenshot of DashClock Widget Screenshot of DashClock Widget
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