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Data Monitor

Track all your data usage - at one place
Version: v2.3.2
Added: 28-10-2022
Updated: 23-05-2023

Data Monitor is a user-friendly, free and open source app for you to manage your data usage. Data Monitor helps you to accurately measure your daily data traffic, and analyze the data in a way easy to understand.


  • Track daily data usage

  • App-wise data usage stats

  • Stats for different time period (last month, this year, all time etc)

  • Mobile data as well as Wifi usage stats

  • Weekly data usage overview

  • Data Monitor widget and notification

  • Data usage alert

  • Custom mobile data reset time

  • Network diagnostics

  • Live network speed monitor (Beta)

  • App usage time

  • No ads or In-app purchases

  • Light-weight and Open Source

  • Source:

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