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A federated chat client designed for privacy and selfhosting.
Version: 1.1
Added: 09-07-2023
Updated: 15-06-2024
Notable features of Databag include:
- Decentralized (direct communication between app and selfhosted server)
- Federated (accounts on different nodes can communicate)
- Public-Private key based identity (not bound to any blockchain or hosting domain)
- End-to-End encryption (the hosting admin cannot view sealed topics, default unsealed)
- Audio and Video Calls (nat traversal requires separate relay server)
- Topic based threads (messages organized by topic not contacts)
- Lightweight (server can run on a raspberry pi zero v1.3)
- Low latency (use of websockets for push events to avoid polling)
- Unlimited accounts per node (host for your whole family)
- Mobile alerts for new contacts, messages, and calls (supports UnifiedPush)
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