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Moodle client
Version: 1.3.1
Added: 20-04-2022
Updated: 30-01-2024
dawdle is a performant and native client for the Moodle e-learning platform. This platform is oftentimes self-hosted by universities, schools and other institutions to provide teaching material to learners.

Connections to arbitrary Moodle instances are supported. You may log in with username and password or, if your instance requests this, you can also sign in through a web browser (for single-sign-on). Course contents are queried from the server and stored for offline usage. Marked-up content and embedded images are usually displayed correctly. An in-app user help menu documents many of the application's features.

At this moment, only some of the basic modules are supported. However, opening an unsupported module will, through magic, automatically sign you in to your browser before opening there – providing a very convenient access to all types of content.

Note: dawdle can only operate if mobile web services are enabled on your Moodle instance. This is oftentimes the case, as it is also required for using the official Moodle Pty Ltd. app.

Screenshot material from by Mary, Chris, and Estelle Cooch licensed CC BY-SA, with adaptions.

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