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DebConf Schedule

Program app for the DebConf conference
Version: 1.52.1-DebConf-Edition
Added: 08-08-2021
Updated: 08-08-2021
Conference program app for the DebConf 2021 conference


About DebConf
DebConf is the annual conference for Debian contributors
and users interested in improving Debian. Previous Debian
conferences have featured speakers and attendees from all
around the world. DebConf19 took place in Curitiba, Brazil
and was attended by 382 participants from 50 countries.

* View program by day and rooms (side by side)
* Custom grid layout for smartphones (try landscape mode ) and tablets
* Read detailed descriptions (speaker names, start time, room name, links, ...) of events
* Add events to favorites list
* Export favorites list
* Setup alarms for individual events
* Add events to your personal calendar
* Share a website link to an event with others
* Keep track of program changes
* Automatic program updates (configurable in settings)
* Vote and leave comments on DebConf talks and workshops

Supported languages
(Event descriptions excluded)
* Dutch
* English
* French
* German
* Italian
* Japanese
* Portuguese
* Russian
* Spanish
* Swedish

Questions regarding the content can only be answered by the
DebConf content team. This app simply offers a way to consume and
personalize the conference schedule.

Bug reports are very welcome. It would be awesome if you
can describe how to reproduce the particular error in the
issue tracker at https://github.com/EventFahrplan/EventFahrplan/issues.

The app is based on the EventFahrplan app
which was initially built for the camp and annual congress of
the Chaos Computer Club. The source code of the app is publicly
available on GitHub at:

DebConf Logo Design by Yao Wei and Jefferson Maier.

Screenshot of DebConf Schedule Screenshot of DebConf Schedule Screenshot of DebConf Schedule
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