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Use the power of Magisk to de-bloat system applications systemless-ly
Version: v0.23
Added: 18-12-2020
Updated: 02-12-2021
De-Bloater is an application using the power of Magisk to de-bloat unwanted applications systemless-ly. It easily remove system apps from "/system", "/vendor", and "/product" directories.

De-Bloater requires Root Access and a fully functional Magisk environment, including modules, for proper working. As a result, De-Bloater won't work with other rooting solutions as well as in Magisk core-only mode.


- Easily remove system applications from "/system", "/vendor", and "/product" directories (Reboot required).
- Restore de-bloated apps, either individually or as a whole (Reboot required).
- Includes pre-defined de-bloated scripts (Universal Android and Tomatot debloater).
- Elegantly designed user interface with an auto-dark/light theme.
- A lot more.

How to Use

Open the app, click the remove button on each app you want to remove. The selected apps will be removed systemless-ly after a reboot. To restore an app, either Reset Module (on the top menu) or selectively restore from the second page. Please note that a restart is necessary to get any of the changes in effect.

The app will systemless-ly replace the selected APKs by making a Magisk module. As a result, you will see a new Module (name: De-bloater).


In case, if you accidentally remove some important apps and your phone bootloops, please delete "/data/adb/modules/De-bloater" via recovery.


Please help me to translate this application via POEditor. You may also translate after downloading the original language string available here.

Please Note

Please be noted that De-Bloater contains its own auto-update implementation, which is only (from v0.10 onwards) available for installation from GitHub release page (and consequently, for IzzyOnDroid). In that case, APK files provided by the developer is directly acquired from the official GitHub release page.

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