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Companion app for Nextcloud Deck - Alpha release for testing purposes only
Version: 0.0.4
Added: 14-05-2019
Updated: 13-07-2019
WARNING This app is still under heavy development. Do not yet use it productively but only for testing purposes at your own risk An Android client for Nextcloud Deck App¹. Currently it might be usable as a pure viewer app (if you do not need editing, write access and so on). Features - Supports multiple accounts - Display boards, stacks and cards - Assign cards to users - Create, edit and delete boards - Create stacks Requirements - Nextcloud³ instance running - Nextcloud Files² app installed (version 3.2.2 or later) - Nextcloud Deck¹ app enabled (version 0.6.4 or later) License All contributions to this repository are considered to be licensed under the [GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 3+](/LICENSE). ¹ ² ³
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