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Companion app for Nextcloud Deck - **WARNING** This is a alpha release and shoul
Version: 0.0.2
Added: 14-05-2019
Updated: 15-05-2019
**WARNING** This is a alpha release and should not be used productively but only for testing purposes. :warning: :warning: :warning: **This app is still under heavy development. Do not yet use it productively** :warning: :warning: :warning: An Android client for [Nextcloud Deck App]( Currently it might be usable as a pure viewer app (if you do not need editing, write access and so on). :rocket: Features * Supports multiple accounts * Display boards, stacks and cards * Assign cards to users * Create, edit and delete boards * Create stacks :link: Requirements * [Nextcloud]( instance running * [Nextcloud Files]( app installed (version 3.2.2 or later) * [Nextcloud Deck]( app enabled (version 0.6.1 or later) :notebook: License All contributions to this repository are considered to be licensed under the [GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 3+](/LICENSE).
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