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Default Dark Theme

A dark Substratum theme targeting Android 7 & 8
Version: 7.7.3
Added: 14-11-2018
Updated: 17-10-2019
IMPORTANT: You need the Substratum theming platform working on your
device! Read the inbuilt information before reporting any issues!

Theme for Substratum, originally based on the default AOSP dark material
colors; then extended to provide more variants to allow configuration
according to the users taste.

Available accent colors (separately selectable for settings and system):
Default teal; amber, blue, blue light, cyan, green (3 variants), lime,
orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow.
(If you want another one, contact me with the color code)

Available background colors:
Dark, darker, black.

Available notification colors:
Light, dark, black.

Semi-transparent variants also available for dark and black.

Available quicksettings + volume slider colors:
Dark, darker, black; each either solid or transparent.

For Android 9+ see the successor

Themed parts:
* Framework
* SystemUI
* Settings
* PackageInstaller
* DocumentsUI
* CM Settings
* AICP Extras
* AOSP Calculator
* AOSP Contacts
* AOSP Dialer
* AOSP Email
* AOSP Messenger
* Substratum
* Rview
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