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Delta Chat

Communicate instantly via e-mail
Version: 1.22.1
Added: 02-02-2017
Updated: 01-09-2021
Delta Chat is a messaging app that is completely compatible with the existing
e-mail infrastructure.

So, with Delta Chat you get the ease of well-known messengers with the reach of
e-mail. Moreover, you're independent from other companies or services -- as your
data are not related to Delta Chat, you won't even add new dependencies here.

Some features at a glance:

* Secure with automatic end-to-end-encryption, supporting the new Autocrypt standard
* Fast by the use of Push-IMAP
* Largest userbase -- receivers not using Delta Chat can be reached as well
* Compatible -- not only to itself
* Elegant and simple user interface
* Distributed system
* No Spam -- only messages of known users are shown by default
* Reliable -- safe for professional use
* Trustworthy -- can even be used for business messages
* Fully OpenSource and Standards based
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