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The crazy calculator (RPN mode). Once you get used to it, you will love it :-)
Version: 0.12.54
Added: 20-12-2019
Updated: 07-06-2020
Dib2Calc (aka Dibdib Calculator)

The crazy calculator. Once you get used to it, you will love it :-)

When you start it the first time, it provides a short introduction.

Your data is protected (encrypted) if you use your own access code and password. In case you have a lot of data, make sure to save it to the device's Download area via the SAVTO function. The app requires some extra processing in the background (e.g. for loading and saving). Depending on your system settings, this might cause a few 'hickups' for the time being ...

If it gets 'stuck' due to some cut-down:

Then go to the device's settings first, clear the app data, and try again.

If it still cannot load your data, then open a file manager, rename the 'Download/dibdib' folder (e.g. to 'Download/dd_OLD'), and start the app a-fresh.

Screenshot of Dib2Calc
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